Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mercury Retrograde 2-26.August. 2011

It was just 2days ago that i found out we are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde and had a sudden „AHA“ Relieve-effect. So now it makes all a bit more sense to me, what ‘s just happening at the moment, no wonder the energies are flying so high….
For some people it is challenging but at the same time it is an opportunity to stop and review our lives and intentions. Whereby for others it means nothing!
I have to tell you I belong to the first category. There is soo much old stuff coming up for me it's challenging at times, puuuhhhh. But now knowing about this mercury retrograde I can go and handle it ;-)
As there is always a blessing in every situation, why not use it. Let’s be playful and have fun ;-)
We can take the time for contemplation and discover the depth of our commitment behind what we believe, think, feel and speak. This is a good time to heal, adjust and reshape all the different aspects and it is a potential time for a major course correction within our lives.
You see it is not always about mis-communication and………
I invite you to join me in using this time to reinvent, replenish, reveal, re-energize, renew, re-connect and reverse everything that is not working in our lives. Be playful  and have fun, creating a BIG VISION OF YOU and  where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Have fun and good luck. I definetly will dive right in there to use this gift to the maximum ;-)

Wishing you heaven on earth

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